This course provides an overview of the Massachusetts Elder Protective Services Program, including Principles, Definitions and Procedures.  

This course covers information needed to conduct a Protective Services Investigation, including Dynamics of Abuse, Investigation Planning, Typologies of Questions and Conducting Interviews with the Elder, Collateral Contacts, and the Alleged Abuser.

This course covers the definition and function of assessing risk,  identification of common risk factors and risk indicators, assessment of risk in five domains and assessment of overall levels of risk.  This Course cannot be accessed until the Massachusetts Protective Services Investigation Training Course has been completed

This course cover the topic of Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD).

This course covers a wide range of legal issues including involuntary interventions such as Section 12 and Section 35, Protective Orders, Guardian and Conservator, Law Enforcement, and other legal tools.  This course cannot be accessed until the Massachusetts Risk Assessment Course has been completed.