Interview for Decisional Abilities (IDA) is an interactive live virtual training to learn to assess your clients abilities to make certain decisions. The training is a two day training with approximately one month in between Day 1 and Day 2. 

Day 1 will contain an overview of what IDA is, viewing IDA role-plays and each participant will role- play in order to practice the technique and receive feedback before using it in the field. 

Between Day 1 and Day 2 you must conduct IDAs with your clients and provide the written document that goes along with IDA for review and feedback. 

Day 2 consists of more interactive live role-play from all participants and a change to discuss what went well or not so well in the field and get feedback on what may help in a similar situation. 

Each day of the training is 3 hours, 9:30-12:30. When you sign up you will be agreeing to attend both scheduled days.